New Year's Holiday in Hitachi, 2005

These pictures were taken at Mariko's parents home in Hitachi.

Shinsuke at the ocean (it was very cold)
Leon studying in a Denny's restaurant
Shotaro studying with Kirk in a Denny's restaurant
Mia in her shirt from Grandma
Mia, Mr. and Mrs. Onuki, Leon
Mariko and Hitoshi
Shinsuke, Junko, Mia, and Mariko
Shotaro, Mr. Onuki and Leon
Mia and Mariko
Shinsuke and Mia made this with plastic beads that you fuse together by heating them with an iron. It has a birthday cake in the middle because January 1st is Junko's birthday. Shinsuke made this for his mother. The Japanese at the bottom says "January 1st" (literally "first month, first day").
Hitoshi, Mr. Onuki, Shotaro
Leon playing catch
Leon playing catch again

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