Visit to the Sato's

On January 1st we visited the home Mr. and Mrs. Shoichi and Fumiko Sato. Fumiko was Mariko's teacher in elementary school and Yutaka, Mr. and Mrs. Sato's son, was a classmate of Mariko's in high school.

Mariko and Leon with Yutaka
Mr. and Mrs. Sato with Mariko, Leon and Mia
Yutaka's wife, Setsuko, teaches English to children. Here see is reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with Mia.
Me with a friend of Mr. Sato who had enjoyed a few drinks.
Two friends
Mia with two daughters of Yutaka and Setsuko and the son of Yutaka's brother Manabu.
Manabu and Yutaka's oldest son
Mrs. Sato and her friend
Yutaka and Manabu and their wives
Manabu is surprisingly tall!
Yutaka is a good cook
This Chinese dish was delicious!
Leon and Ms. Sato are good friends!

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