Mariko in Australia

Mariko went to Australia on a business trip from March 16th to March 27th. Here are some pictures that trip (and a couple more after she got home.

  • On her way out [small] [big]
    You can see our make-shift ping pong table in the background. It is much small than a normal sized table but seems to be just about the perfect size for small kids. (It's fun for adults too!) I just put some plastic boxes on a coffee table and then put an old board that I had saved for weekend projects on top. The "net" is another piece of wood.

  • Tiny plane [small] [big]
    This is the view inside Mariko's flight from Syndey to Newcastle.

  • View from her hotel [small] [big]

  • The beach [small] [big]
    Unfortunately, Mariko didn't bring her swimming suit. The weather was very hot so it would have been great to be able to swim. She went into town to buy a swim suit but everything closed at 5 PM.

  • Al and Pam MacAskill [small] [big]
    After a couple of nights in her hotel Mariko stayed with Al and Pam MacAskill, who have a son studying at Kumamoto University. The MacAskills will be visiting Kumamoto soon. We plan to try to repay their hospitality when they are here.

  • Mariko and Pam [small] [big]

  • Mariko and Al [small] [big]

  • Koala [small] [big]
    What would a trip to Australia be without a koala? This one seems to have been a bit too sleepy to pose.

  • Mia and Leon [small] [big]
    Recently we bought this yellow sofabed. Click on one of the following links to see another shot of the kids on this sofa. [small] [big]

  • Leon practing [small] [big]
    Leon's been taking guitar lessons for almost a year. He'll play a little piece in a recital to be held in May. The piece is a duet and he'll play it with his friend Suguru, who started taking lessons after Leon. Leon on Suguru take their lessons together. Click on one of the following links to see another shot of the kids on this sofa. [small] [big]

  • Cheese on sofa [small] [big]