May 2002

I'm not sure what prompted it, but the other day the kids started drawing cat whiskers on each other's faces. Here are the results.

  • Mariko,Leon, and Mia [small] [big]

  • Mia [small] [big]
    You can see (I hope) that Mia has lost a tooth. She's very proud of the gap. Unfortunately, she lost this tooth before she could leave it for the tooth fairy. Since then, however, the tooth next to it came out and Mia managed to hold on to it until bedtime so that it could be picked up by the tooth fairy during her sleep.

  • Mariko and Mia [small] [big]
    This was taken the next morning (after all the "cat" marks had been washed off).

  • Fishing
    Last Sunday we stopped by a trout farm we sometimes vist to catch some fish and then have them cooked for us. I didn't take any pictures but Mia drew this picture.