Contacting Me

Please feel free to contact me. There are several ways in which you can do this.

  • Stop by my office

    Please do not hesitate to stop by my office in the main office building (kenkyu^to^) whenever you want to get in touch with me. It is not necessary to have an appointment. However, I'm not always in my office and occassionally may have pressing business so it might be a good I idea for you to give me a call from phone near the entrance to the building. If I'm not in or not able to take time to talk at that particularly time, your call has saved you the trouble of going all of the way up to the fourth floor for nothing.

    To get an idea of when I'm likely to be available, please take a look at my schedule.

  • Telephone

    The extention number to call my room from the the entrance of the main office building is 1408. If you are calling from outside the campus dial 364-5161 and say "Masuden-sensei onegai shimasu." If I'm not in, just leave a message in my answering machine.

  • E-mail

    My e-mail address is I am usually able to respond to e-mail promptly. If e-mail is not available to you at the moment, just click here. A form will appear that allows you to send messages to me that I receive via e-mail. Please indicate how you would like me to respond.

  • Memos, assignments, letters, etc.

    If you give a receptionist in the mail office building a note or document for me it will be placed in my university mail box. If, for some reason, you would like to send something to me at my home the addres is as follows:

    Kirk Masden
    Obiyama 4-55-19-403
    Kumamoto 862-0924 JAPAN