December 2000

Hi! These are just some odd pictures that I took over thefirst weekend in December, 2000.

  • Leon and his friend Yokun

    Leon was trying not to smile but I forced him to.

  • Another shot of Leon and his friend Yokun

    I had to try to make Leon smile here too.

  • Leon's painting

    Leon likes art. He seemed happy to have his picture taken with this.

  • Witch

    The title of this is "The Strongest Witch." I haven't heard the story behind it yet. I'll have to ask Leon.

  • Cowboy and cowgirl

    This summer the kids got these cowboy hats from Grandma. They had them out again the other day so I took a few pictures. Leon is leaning on his mother's knees. Ride 'em cowboy!

  • Cowgirl

    Mia loves to pose.

  • Another cowgirl shot

    Here she is again.

  • The Kitazaki's

    Here's Mariko visiting with our friends, the Kitazaki's. Their daughter is in Leon's class.