El Rancho, Summer 2003

These pictures are taken from the competition on the last day of the summer riding camp. They are still frames from the videos taken that day.

  • Leon turns on the speed

    This ride of Leon's was the fastest of anyone that day (this was a timed event).

  • Mamoru (Suguru's younger brother) rides

    Mamoru had the best overall score on this day.

  • Suguru (1)

  • Suguru (2)

  • Suguru reads from his diary

  • Suguru's father

  • Suguru's older sister

  • Mariko takes a ride

  • Cheese rests in a puddle

    I don't know why but Cheese loves to lie down in puddles.

    Finally, here are a couple of frames from a video tape that I made into stills when I was learning the procedure.

  • Mia looks up

  • Mia reading