Using Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server

The frame in the lower right-hand corner contains Jim Breen's outstanding online dictionary. The frame in the lower left-hand corner contains material from the WEB site of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Kumamoto Gakuen University. If the frame seems too narrow, adjust your brower to fill up as much of your screen as possible.

Now, here's how to use the dictionary. If you would like to have English translations, for example, of words in the text contained in the frame in the lower left-hand corner just do the following:

I've placed Jim Breen's dictionary in a frame inside this page in order to give a quick and easy introduction to its use. I recommend, however, that once you've gotten the basic idea you open up two separate browers, one for Jim Breen's dictionary and another for the WEB page you wish to read. This will allow you to control what you view much more easily. The address for Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server is:
Just click on "Translate words in Japanese text" to get this dictionary. Note too that you may access many other fine tools from this page.

By the way, clicking on the address above will automatically open up a new browser containing Jim's dictionary links. After you've done that, you can use this browser to find a Japanese page that you are interested in reading. Then, you're all set up to use Jim's dictionary by alternating between the two windows.

If you prefer to use the dictionary in this type of environment (two side-by-side frames within one browser) please point your browser to the address below:
Clicking on the address above will open up a separate browser. Just type or paste in the address of the Japanese page you would like to read, click "GO!", and a page (inspired by this one!) will appear with the page you have designated in the lower left-hand frame and Jim's dictionary in the lower right-hand frame.

Happy reading!