Welcoming Leon Home

Leon arrived home on December 22nd. Here are a few pictures from his first two days with us.

I took this picture soon after we picked Leon up at the airport. He was very interested in eating Japanese food.
On the 23rd (the day after Leon came back), we had a little welcoming party for him. The Takamura's and the Kitazaki's came. Leon is opening one of his Christmas presents -- a set of books on the Korean language. He has a lot of Korea friends at Colorado Rocky Mountain School and wants to pick up the language while he is there.
Mr. Kitazaki played guitar for us. He's very good!
Suguru Takamura and Leon saw each other after about a year. Suguru is now playing soccer everyday on his high school soccer team and has really gotten in shape as a result. Click here to see some pictures of Suguru and Leon together a few years ago.