Visit to Hitachi

We were in Hitachi, the home of Mariko's parents from the 27th of December to January 2. We took some pictures while we were there with Leon's camera but a neglected to put on my harddrive so I can't share any of the now. These are some pictures we took on are way to and from Hitachi.

A view of Mt. Fuji from the plane.
At Haneda Airport in Tokyo, we met Mariko's friend from her days teaching Japanese at Bowdoin College in Maine -- Miya Sato. Actually, Mia was named after Miya Sato. In Japanese, Mia's name is the same as Ms. Sato's, though we spell it "Mia" in English. This was Mia's first opportunity to meet the lady she was named after. She is holding some presents from Miya.
img_7185a.jpg img_7194.jpg
A painting done by my father hangs on the wall of a bedroom in Mariko's parents' home.
. . . as does this Christmas card.
This was how we carried Cheese in transit.
She put up with this remarkable well but she did NOT like being put in a box and checked in as luggage.
Mt. Fuji as see from our plane as it took off.
These pictures show Mt. Aso, in Kumamoto Prefecture, as seem from the plane.
The steam you see is coming from the Aso Volcano.