Visit to the Zoo

On Sunday, January 13th Mia, Mariko and I went to the local zoo. Most of the pictures here are from that visit. The first two are pictures of a couple of Mia's creations that I had in my camera when we left for the zoo. At the end of the year we bought some decorations that came in boxes with clear plastic windows. Mia converted these into TVs -- cuting out characters to serve as programing. She does things like this remarkably quickly -- soon after we notice that she's been working quietly on something for a while she's done!

Both of her TVs have volume and channel controls. The characters on the shirt say "Mia."
The creatures are not pasted down -- shaking the "TV" starts the show!
This rose was in bloom near our front door when we left for the zoo.
We had a special reason to find this old fire engine . . .
When Leon was little we took this picture of him riding the fire engine. At the time, it seemed like an antique so we were please to see that the fire engine is still in use. Only the money box seems to have been replaced.
Mia found this headgear in a children's exhibit.
"You can take it off now, Mia."
It had been a long time since Mia (or Mariko) had ridden this train.
IMG_7252.JPG IMG_7257.JPG
We brought some greens to feed the peacock. I guess we're not really supposed to do this . . .
. . . but the peacock didn't seem to mind.