Kumamoto Castle with Markus, Dana, and Mia

Dana and Markus came to Kumamoto City on the 27th. They arrived a little before 3 in the afternoon and the weather was very nice so we decided to do some sightseeing.

Click on the audio player you see below to hear Markus sing "The Scientist," recorded at the Masden residence on December 27, 2008:

These pictures pictures were taken near Kumamoto Castle. There's a very nice group of people who enjoy spinning tops near the castle and, when we stopped to watch them, this nice man came over to show us how the tops work.
Mia was told to be the Statue of Liberty.
Mia said the top spinning on the palm of her hand tickled.
The first part of this short video shows how the top spinners increase the speed at which the top spings. The gentleman who was so nice to Mia got his top spinning in this way. Then he did the little trick you see here just for us. Click here to go to the site from which I got this video. It may take a while to download but the quality will be better than what you see above.
Markus in front of a castle wall.
Markus looks ready to play the part of a Japanese feudal lord.
The happy couple.