Christmas '08 and New Years' 09

We had a quiet Christmas in Kumamoto then went to Hitachi to celebrate the new year with the Onukis.

Mia used her present from Grandma to decorate this shirt.
Mariko likes her present from Mom.
Shinsuke bought the domino-like game (Spinner?) that he played with Aunt Cindy and everyone before he left the U.S. in 2008. The Masdens and Onukis enjoyed a game together on December 30th.
Before Mariko's brother Hitoshi and family left we took this group shot. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Onuki were busy at the time so we didn't get a shot with everyone together.
On January 2nd, we took a little daytrip to an area north of Hitachi called Kita Ibaragi. One of the highlights was a visit to an art museum that was showing works by outstanding artist named NABATAME Koichi.
After the art museum, we took some time to enjoy the natural surroundings. It was quite cold but the sun was shining brightly so we enjoyed a walk on the beach.
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