Kikuchi Gorge with Dana

We took Dana and Shima-san (who has been coming to help us with house work since before Mia was born) to Kikuchi Gorge. The weather was not ideal but we really enjoyed the outdoor hotspring we visited afterward. (Sorry. No pictures. Bathing is done in the buff in Japan and this is a G-rated website.) We ended the day with a delicious meal at Musashino, a restaurant that we've taken Mom and Dad (i.e. Dana's grandparents) to on past visits.

Shima-san uses a cane now and did not go through the entire gorge but she is still very healthy and active.
img_0382.jpg sta_0022a.jpg
We took this pictures at a little park/tourist stop after we visited the gorge. They had just finished a frisbee catching contest for dogs but some of the dogs apparently hadn't had enough frisbee catching so we got to see some of them at work after the contest.
We want to arrange an opportunity for Dana to try on a real kimono. Unfortunately, this was the best we could do today.