Mia's Performance

On January 26, Mia's nursery school (which, in Japan, includes kindergarten-aged kids) put on a public performance for parents, relatives and others. Here are some pictures from that.

But first . . .


    The digital camera I use doesn't have a good zoom. It's fine for close up shots but not for shots of people taken at a distance. Please excuse the poor quality.

  • Mia as a fairy [small] [big]

    The kids dramatized a traditional Chinese story about the adventures of a priest, a monkey, and a pig. (To learn about this story, please click here.) Mia was one of several "flower fairies" in the story.

  • Playing a keyboard instrument [small] [big]

    Mia practiced this song over and over at home.

  • Everybody on stage [small] [big]

    They were performing on a very large stage, at the Prefectural Theatre of Kumamoto. Until last year the performances were held at the nursery school but there just wasn't enough space to do it there this year.

  • Mia and Mariko after the performance [small] [big]

    Mia was very pleased with her performance, as were we all. (Another shot [small] [big] )