January 2002

Lego construction


    From January 2nd to the 4th we went to Fukushima Prefecture (north of Ibaragi, where Mariko's folks live) to ski. Click here to see where Fukushima is. The Onukis (Mariko's parents) live near where it says "Mito" (northeast of Tokyo). Fukushima is north of Mito. In addition to being further north, it is near the Japan alps where there is lots of snow. We skied just west of Fukushima City, way up in the mountains.

  • Hitoshi

    We only had time to ski on the third. On this day snow fell over much of Japan. Click here to read an article about the blizzard. Here in the mountains there was so much snow that it actually made skiing difficult. Still, we all enjoyed skiing, despite the bad weather. This picture may give you an idea of what it was like. This is Hitoshi, Mariko's brother.

  • Shinsuke

    This is Shinsuke, Leon and Mia's cousin (Hitoshi's youngest son).

  • Leon and Shotaro

    Leon is eating some ramen (this is the proper Japanese way to eat these noodles). In back of him you can see his other cousin, Shotaro (Hitoshi's oldest son).

  • Mr. Onuki

    Mr. Onuki skied for the first time in his life last year. He's still working on the basics but making progress.

  • Mr. Onuki's form

    Here he demonstrates his snowplow form (taught to him by yours truly).

  • Mr. Onuki (close up)

  • Mrs. Onuki and Mia

    Mrs. Onuki didn't try to ski (her knees have been hurting her) but she came with us to Fukushima. Here she is with Mia after we returned to the Onuki's home.

Once again, have a great 2002!