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Some of the links on this page are to machine translations of Japanese-language pages. If you are frustrated by the translations but having trouble reading the originals unaided, check out the following:

  • Rikai (provides pop-up hiragana and English translations)
  • Hiragana Megane (adds furigana)
  • jisho (powerful tool that works well on smartphones)
  • Goo and Eijiro (J-E, E-J, and J-J dictionaries with furigana from Hiragana Megane)
  • allcinema Movie & DVD Database (copy and paste an original English movie title to find the Japanese title, or vice versa)


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Introduction: How to use this page


This page provides annotated links to English information about Kumamoto, Japan. There is a surprising amount of information about Kumamoto available on the Internet but much of it can only be found after expending considerable time and energy searching the web. This page is an attempt to organize that information so that it can be utilized more efficiently.

The page developed as a by-product of the Kumamoto International mailing list. Much of the information indexed here was first introduced on that list. There is also a great deal of information about Kumamoto (for example, information about restaurants, spas, community issues, etc.) that may be found on the searchable archives of this list but is not indexed here. In addition, inquiries about Kumamoto may be addressed to the list. Accordingly, I strongly encourage all persons interested in obtaining information about the Kumamoto area to subscribe to the list and/or to search the archives.

In putting this page together, I have attempted to included lists of places, hotels, events, etc. that are described on the sites I have linked. I have done this so that viewers can use the search function on their browsers ("control key" + "f" on Windows machines and "apple key" + "f" on Macintosh computers) to locate information more efficiently. For example, if you are looking for information about the Aso area, you can search this page for "Aso." This search will take you to several different sites that contain some information about the area.

I hope you find the page to be useful.

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