English Translation of the President's response
June 10, 1998

To: Cynthia Worthington, President
Kumamoto General Union

From: Teshima Takashi, President
Kumamoto Prefectural University

In Regard to the Request for Collective Negotiations, Dated May 15, 1998

Our response to your request, made on May 15th, is shown below.

In 1997, our response to a request for negotiations regarding the 1998 terms of employment was that, due to the nature of the employment of public officials, there is no basis for negotiations with prospective employees regarding the terms of their future employment and that therefore we would not negotiate the 1998 terms of employment.

However, in 1998, because employment occurred, our position is that negotiations can be conducted if concrete issues requiring negotiation are identified regarding those terms that are effective until May of 1999.

In regard to the movement of individual offices, this is a managerial measure that was implemented in accord with a separate measure (the reassignment of "foreign faculty" and "foreign language teachers" to the various faculties of the university) that was set to be implemented by the university in 1998.

Accordingly, the measure is necessary to maintenance of the common order of all faculty and staff of the university and, as such, is not subject to negotiation.


I. In regard to the lack of response to the request of February 10

In regard to the holding of a meeting to explain the terms of employment and to the extension of the February 10 deadline for signing the terms of employment agreement document, both have been implemented and known by the union so there is no need to respond.

2. In regard to the lack of response to the request of February 12

In regard to the request for negotiations pertaining to the establishment of employment regulations, we responded on March 10, 1998.