News about the Coalition Against Discrimination by the Prefectural University of Kumamoto

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Appeal rejected, July 5, 2004
[Summary and Link]

Hostile verdict, December 18, 2002

Testifying in a Japanese courtroom, March 1, 2002

Arudo Debito on RKK radio, February 28, 2002
[Announcement (E/J)]

Symposium held on February 1, 2002
[Announcement (E/J)] [About speaker Arudo Debito] [Links to more information about speakers] [Speaker Ivan Hall on local radio] [Statement about juminhyo read by speaker Lucinda Otsuka (English)] [Statement about juminhyo read by speaker Lucinda Otsuka (Japanese)]

Submission of 10,330 signatures, February 1, 2001

10,000 signatures collected, August 20, 2001

Dan Kirk article "Limited-Term Appointments and Their Effect on Curriculum Development" made available on June 26, 2001

Appeal for support (petition), June 23, 2001

Signature gathering on April 8, 2001

Article in Chronicle of Higher Education, March 23, 2001
[Announcement, excerpts and comments]

Spring 2001 Issue of PALE: "Taking it to the Ministry of Education"

Appeal on behalf of Foreign Teachers at the PUK (E/J), February 28, 2001

Plea for Volunteer Translator (J/E), February 8, 2001

Signature gathering on February 4, 2001

Hearing in which Cynthia Worthington testified, January 31, 2001
[Announcement] [Report by Arudo Debito]

Social gathering on January 29, 2001

Hearing on January 25, 2001

Signature gathering on December 17, 2001

Social gathering on November 27, 2000

Symposium on November 10, 2000

First hearing in PUK discrimination case, September 21, 2000

Social gathering on August 28, 2000

Gathering and initiation of law suit on July 14, 2000
[Announcement] [Related hearings held that day]

Social gathering on June 26
[Invitation to attend] [Supplementary information] [Report 1] [Report 2]

Delivery of appeal on May 26
[Appeal text] [Report]

Third hearing on May 17, 2000
[Announcement] [Report]

Gatherings and petition delivery on April 6, 2000
[First Japanese announcement] [English translation] [Correction (English and Japanese)]

Delivery to prefectural government of a petition in support of Cynthia Worthington and Sandra Mitchell on March 30, 2000
[English] [Japanese]

Article in Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun published on March 9, 2000

Filing of petition for injunction and gathering held on March 8, 2000
[English invitation to attend] [Corrected inviation] [English and Japanese announcement] [Additional announcement with contact information]

Article in Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun published on February 24, 2000

Gathering held on February 15, 2000
[English] [Japanese]

Gathering signatures on December 12, 1999
[Invitation] [Report]

Letter to New York Times from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (dated November 22, 1999)

"Combatting Discrimination at a Japanese University" by Cynthia Worthington
(JPRI Working Paper No. 58: June 1999)

April 1999 Issue of PALE

English translation of Feb 19, 1999 newspaper article
The Ministry of Education takes a dim view of PUK mendacity!

New Observer Article (January 1999)

December 1998 Issue of PALE

New Observer Article (July 1998)


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