Kumamoto General Union

1 -100 Tsukide 3-chome, Kumamoto, 862-8502

To: President Teshima. Prefectural University of Kumamoto

Date: 2/12/1998

In addition to the questions raised on the Môshi Ire of the 10th of February, we would like elucidation on the following changes from the previous terms that we have noticed so far:

#1 job title of foreign language instructor
3-3 devote undivided attention to duties
3-4 not divulge any confidential information
3-5 not use any university property without first obtaining permission
4 shall be present at the starting time in section 6, clause 4, and shall
stamp his own attendance book
5 shall provide notice prior to being absent
6-4 new schedules
8 attendance is not required on days where duties are not assigned
9 A may reschedule B to days when he was not scheduled to work
10-5 if holiday is deemed to be in conflict with the schedule of the university,
A may change the vacation period specified by B
16-2, 5 failure to observe regulations or to follow the instructions of superiors
16-3 B shall be considered dismissed if imprisoned
17-2 must have a health exam and provide the university with a certificate without delay
21 discipline procedure (warning, salary reduction, suspension, dismissal) infraction, failure to obey, improper behavior

Taken out

lectures outside the university


The wording of the proposed letter of appointment provides no assurance that employment would follow our signature.

Why are there no references to us being sennin kyouin?

Why are there no references to us being affiliated to a faculty?

Cynthia Worthington

President, Kumamoto General Union

#26-3 training and pay?