Mia's "Farewell Outing"

On March 2, Mia's nursery school (which, in Japan, includes kindergarten-aged kids) held a "farewell outing." The oldest group of kids (of which Mia is one) will become elementary school pupils in April so they will be saying "farewell" to their younger friends. The event was held at a local park. Mia had a great time.

Lining up


  • The kids and their parents stood in a big circle [small] [big]

    Then the music started and we "danced" to two songs. The songs were a little like "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in that the lyrics of the songs told you what you were supposed to be doing.

  • Mia really enjoyed doing this. [small] [big]

  • More shots (1) [small] [big]

  • More shots (2) [small] [big]

  • More shots (3) [small] [big]

  • More shots (4) [small] [big]

Tug of war

  • Mia tugs (1) [small] [big]

  • Mia tugs (2) [small] [big]

    Mia's class won the tug of war. Unfortunately, the parents of Mia's class lost.

Photo opportunities

  • Mia's teacher (Mamura-sensei) and a classmate [small] [big]

  • Mia and Ayaka [small] [big]

  • All of the teachers together [small] [big]

  • The Matsumoto's (outside) [small] [big]

  • The Matsumoto's (inside) [small] [big]

    By the time the outing was over it was raining pretty heavily. Mia and I had come by bicycle so the Matsumoto's gave us a ride home. They came in for tea and we had a time time together.