Tomei's Typing Tools

Welcome to 2nd term typing!

Click on the timer to start and then type in the box below until the timer finishes, then click on the button to find out your word count.

Some topic ideas for second year students are 'My favorite _______' Click on the button below for a topic idea. If you have already done it or you don't like the topic, click again to choose another one. If you would like to write about something else, please do!

My Favorite

Don't want to write about your favorites? Take your choice above and write about "The ________ I hate"!

Good luck!!

Stop at

We will keep track of student typing at these web pages.
Here for 1st year 1 kumi and
here for 1st year 2 kumi.
Here for 2nd year 1 kumi and
here for 2nd year 2 kumi.

Looking for some online typing practice? Here's a list. Remember, if it is in words per minute (WPM), multiple by 5 to get your score.
uses the English keyboard and you can practice a text that you write!
gives you texts to type for 1, 2, and 3 minute tests.
give you some single letter practice.
has a number of different tests, from single letter to copying texts and speed tests.
has a free online copy text test.
has a copy text test that shows a cursor that moves under the text, which can be helpful if you want to improve your touch typing. On the right side are three tests of frequent words, which are good practice as well.
The BBC Dance Mat Typing site
is for kids, but the goat has a great Scottish accent! Grrrrreat!
The Bubbles Typing game
is fun too.
Peter's Online Typing Course
is simple, but goes through the basics.
has typing games, typing lessons and typing tests.
is a fun game to improve your typing.
is a Japanese site for practicing typing.

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by Paul McFedries

Timer and Wordcount javascripts provided
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