Hi! This page links to blogs and web pages I have made in English. "Kirk Masden's English Seminar" and "Kankaku" (a vocabulary app) are my "babies" now, in the sense that they are fairly new and do not yet have large communities of users. I hope their user numbers will grow in the coming years. "Kumamoto International," however, is an an online community I began building over 20 years ago that now has over 4,500 users. "Kumamoto Links" is a page that I made as part of the "Kumamoto International" project. Many of the the links are no longer valid but the language tools at the top of the page and some other links are still valid and useful. The page also contains a link to "Coalition Against Discrimination by the Prefectural University of Kumamoto" website. This movement is no longer active but I maintain the link for historical reasons. The Japanese side of my website contains a different set of links and resourses.