This page attempts to answer the more common questions you might have. Many of the answers refer you to other pages for details.

  • To ask a question use the questions? page
  • For frequently requested features, see the PITS pages.


Q How do I get my question answered?

A The quickest and best way is to join the pmwiki-users mailing list and post your question there. If it really is a frequently-asked question, it will eventually be added to this page.

An alternative way is to leave your question on the Questions page.

Getting help

Q Where can I get help with PmWiki? (This is a pretty vague question!)

A See this FAQ, Troubleshooting, or try a Search.

Error messages

Q What does warning message or error message “xxxxx” mean?

A Error/warning questions and answers are on the Troubleshooting page.


Q How do I insert pictures on wiki pages?

A See Images.


Q I’m getting a lot of spam on my wiki site. How can I password protect the pages?

A See Security, UrlApprovals, and the Cookbook:Blocklist2 recipe.

Summary pages

Q Why are ‘RecentChanges’ pages editable?

A You might want to edit these pages if a spammer creates a page with an unsavory name. To prevent others from editing these pages, insert the following lines into your local/config.php file. Editing then requires the admin password.

## Require admin password to edit RecentChanges (etc.) pages.
if ($action=='edit'
    && preg_match('/\\.(All)?RecentChanges$/', $pagename))
  { $DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '*'; }

Q How do I generate RSS feeds from PmWiki?

A See Web Feeds.

Disable formatting

Q How do I put plain text into a wiki page and disable wiki formatting?

A You can use the [@TEXT GOES HERE@] markup as explained in the section Escape Sequence TextFormattingRules. Note that this preserves any text file formatting such as newlines and spaces.

Read-access to pages in the Site wikigroup

Q What pages in the Site wikigroup need to be unrestricted for reading by any user of the wiki?

A The following pages probably need to be accessible (see Site.Site):

The names of other pages will vary from skin to skin, but you will also want to enable reading of the pages that make up the banner and footer areas of the site.

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