A request for help with a survey study‏? 差出人: Mehmet Maden (mehmet.maden@boun.edu.tr)

送信日時: 2008年7月7日 10:01:53 宛先: Yoneoka Judy (judy@kumagaku.ac.jp) CC: bayyurty@boun.edu.tr

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to ask you to help us by completing a questionnaire concerning the role of culture in English Language Teaching. Specifically, we are interested in the opinions of English language teaching experts regarding the inclusion of cultural elements (local or target) in the language classroom and in textbooks as well as their opinions regarding the attributes of native versus nonnative language teachers.

This survey is conducted by a research group at Bogazici University, Turkey. You don't need to indicate your name on the questionnaire. We are interested in your personal opinion. Thank you very much for your help.

Procedure: Please, visit the following link and then enter the password provided below.

Link: http://cet.boun.edu.tr/FledQuestionaire

Password: bounfled

We would also appreciate it if you could forward this message to other colleagues who would be interested in contributing to our study by filling out the questionnaire. For any technical problems please contact Mehmet Maden, mehmet.maden@boun.edu.tr

Sincerely, Yasemin Bayyurt (Researcher)