Long before Europeans set __(1)___ in America, 500 Indian ___(2)_____ thrived.

Born to the sea, to the ___(3)____, to the ___(4)___, they were as different as their homelands.

They built magnificient __(5)_____, farmed the seas, roamed the ____(6)______.

Facing invasion from other ___(7)_____, they had two ___(8)_____, to make peace...

If the ___(9)____ man wants to live in peace with the Indian, he can live in peace.

...OR __(10)____.

Where today are the ___(11)______ tribes of our people? Shall we, without a struggle,

give up our ___(12)____, our lands, and everything that is dear and _____(13)_____ to us?

I know you will say with me, Never, NEVER!

join Keven Costner in a journey to the heart of ____(14)_____ America.

Meet the ____(15)_____ peoples of this land, hear their words and know their ___(16)_______.

Stand with them as they face unknown ____(17)_____, in a struggle to preserve their ancient ways of life.

Step with them into the ___(18)_____.

Rediscover the new world.