Culture, language and environment: the case of English

  • Readings and Assignments: Walsh 1979 p. 9-15; Bennett in Fantani 16-21
  • Concepts: environmental sociolinguistics; Individual cultures vs. world culture
  • Discussion questions: How does the environment affect language use? How does language use affect the environment? What facets of the environment can have the most effect on language?

For Walsh:

p. 11 Which do you agree with, John Adams or Karl Jaspers and Tagore? Why?

p. 12 Summarize the two possible ways of forming a world culture? Are either or both actually possible in your opinion?

13. Can you think of other international agreements that reflect common denominators like the UNUDHR?

For Bennett: What do you think of the term "fluent fool"? When have you been a "fluent fool"?

I'm not sure that this term can still apply as well in our multicultural world...