Intercultural Communication and English Education Kumamoto University Instructor: Judy Yoneoka

Guidelines for Final Assignment

1. In pairs or individually, you will create an original lesson plan with activities and/or assignments to last approx. 60 minutes, and pilot it in front of this class on the final day. The goal of the lesson plan should be based on actual textbook material and provide or expand on its cultural context.

2. You should also create an opportunity to use the lesson plan with an actual class of students, so keep this in mind during your preparation. This lesson can be done either in pairs or individually.

3. Your final paper will be an approx. 1000-word write-up of this activity and should include the following (1) the theoretical background behind your approach (2) details of the class in which the lesson was given, (3) students reactions, and (4) a self-evaluation and suggestions for improvement. Note that individual write-ups will be required even if the lesson plan is done in pairs.

4. You should also include a bibliography and the actual activity/assignment in the appendix.. These should NOT be included in the word count.

5. The write-up will be due by Sept. 5, 2008. You may submit it either electronically to or present it to the Kenkyuto Uketsuke at Kumamoto Gakuen University.

6. If you are absent from the pilot class, you should make a video of your actual class activity and submit it with the write-up.