Congratulations on finishing your content!

Now you need to:

1. write table of contents

2. Write 日本語概要

3. Write 謝辞(希望による)


______ You have between 3200-4000 words from introduction to conclusion.

______ YOU HAVE NO パクリ!! Credit and reference other people's quotes and ideas! (Do not PLAGIARIZE!!)

______ You do not use phrases such as “I think…” and “I want…”!

(Use “It is believed that…” or “The author believes that…” instead, or just omit them!)

______ You have gotten a complete English check.

______ You have gotten a complete content check and OK from me.

______ You have completed a spell check in Word.

Sections and paragraphs

______ Your sections are all numbered, and have headings such as these (doesn't have to be the exact same):

  1. Introduction
  2. Background   
  3. Results
  4. Discussion
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

Sub-sections are numbered 1.1., etc.

______ RULE OF 3: You have at least 3 sections between introduction and conclusion. You have at least 3 paragraphs in every section. You have at least 3 sentences and 3 lines in every paragraph.

______ Your paragraphs are all indented or tabbed the same number of spaces (about 5).

______ There are no dots or other marks before paragraphs.


______ Your paper is copied into or written in the template at

______ Your title page has your CURRENT title, your name, and the CURRENT DATE AND WORD COUNT.

______ Your header has a short version of your CURRENT title and your last name.

______ Your title page does not have a header or footer.

______ Your page numbers begin with page 1 on the first page.


______ You have titles for each table, picture, chart and figure. EXAMPLE: Fig. 1. Works Used in this Study (based on Tanaka, 2014)

______ Your titles for each table, picture, chart and figure are UNDER the table, picture, chart and figure.


______ You have a WELL WRITTEN bibliography with 10 or more sources.

______ Your bibliography has at least 6 sources from a book or journal.

______ Your bibliography is in alphabetical order by LAST NAME.

______ Each source in your bibliography is also cited in the paper, and vice versa.

______ Bibliography is written according to APA format.


______ You have a 概要 of 200 or more 文字 in Japanese, and it describes your entire paper including the conclusion!.


______ You have not used 「 」 These are Japanese! Use quotation marks instead.

______ Your questionnaire, etc. should be in an Appendix at the end.