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Imagine how you would feel if YOUR family were hosting an exchange student for a month!

1.How would your parents react to your request to invite an American student into your home?

2.Would you and your parents invite a male or a female student? Why?

3.What topics would your family need to discuss before the arrival of the American student in your home?

4.Who in your family would be reluctant about having this student living with you in your home and why?

5.Who would be really happy about it and why?

6.What sacrifices would each member of your family have to make?

7.What would each member of the family need to do for it to be a successful homestay?

8.If your student did something culturally inappropriate in Japan, like using soap in the bathtub, or using his/her cell phone during dinner, what would you do to help?

9.What do you think would be the most difficult thing for your American student to accept in your home?

10.What would he/she enjoy the most?

11.What help would your family expect of your host student with daily chores?

12.How should your student show respect to your parents and to you during the homestay?

13.How should your student express gratitude to you and to your family for allowing him/her to stay with you for one month?