First, fill out the 出席カード with the answers to these questions:

 (1) Do you have a computer at home? 
 (2) Do you have access to internet at home?
 (3) What is your school E-mail address?
 (4) Do you have another E-mail address that you use more?  What is it?
 (5) Do you have a hotmail address? What is it? (if not given in #4)
 (6) What is your keitai address?
 (7) Who is/was your seminar teacher?
 (8) Have you ever made a powerpoint presentation?
 (9) Have you ever made a blog? If yes, was it in writing class?
 (10) Have you ever chatted? If yes, what chat system do you/did you use? (MSN chat, Judy's page, etc.)
 (11) Have you ever used a MOO like Habbo Hotel?
 (12) Have you ever written on a wiki?
 (13) Do you have a home page? Do you want one?
 (13) Do you have a keitai home page? Do you want one?
 (14) Are you signed up for Computers and English 2 (Tomei sensei's class)?
 (15) Did you take Joho-shori Enshu I?
 (16) What project do you want to do first? Keitai HP or newsletter?