• Readings and Assignments: (9) Dunnett, et al "English Language teaching from an intercultural perspective" and Hughes, in Valdes, Joyce H. (1986) Culture Bound: Bridging the Cultural Gap in Language Teaching (Cambridge) p. 148-169
  • Concepts: Halliday 1994 BANA (ESL) vs. TESEP (EFL) approaches to culture
  • Discussion questions:

For Dunnett: Are the techniques describe on p. 148ff applicable to English education in Japan? Why or why not? Do you agree that "most if not all of the materials used in language teaching convey cultural biases"? (p. 153) Why or why not? Do the teaching materials you generally use when teaching or studying English show similar aspects to those listed on p. 154? Give Examples.

For Hughes: Look at the 8 techniques on p. 167. Which have you used in teaching or studying English? What were the results? Which do you think are most useful for teaching culture? Why?