Book Review Park Yak Woo et al. Analysis of English Textbooks of North Korea Ken'ichiro HIGUCHI Asian English Studies Volume 4

Language, culture and ideology in the English textbooks of two Koreas Baik, Martin Jonghak and Rosa Jinyoung Shim Reprinted in World Englishes: critical concepts in linguistics

 By Kingsley Bolton, Braj B. Kachru 2004 438 - 451,+culture+and+ideology+in+the+English+textbooks+of+two+Koreas+Baik,+Martin+Jonghak+and+Rosa+Jinyoung+Shim&source=bl&ots=n64bwt4H3K&sig=YnIlmEodp06RdkRX9I76pPDohkI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=5d4gT6ujJO6hiAfk--D6BA&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Language%2C%20culture%20and%20ideology%20in%20the%20English%20textbooks%20of%20two%20Koreas%20Baik%2C%20Martin%20Jonghak%20and%20Rosa%20Jinyoung%20Shim&f=false


The Juche Ideology: English in North Korea (2002)

North Korea's hidden history (2006) R. Fouser

Quiet digital revolution under way in North Korea

Mathematics ― a la North Korea

Mathematics ― a la North Korea

Textbooks of North Korea

English Education in North Korea (2001) R. Fouser

NCNK Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 3: Bridges Built of Books

Teaching English in N.K.

English Textbook (PDF)

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