Photo Homework ... to do in Kumamoto!

Please take photos of the following things before you come to Minnesota. These photos will be a part of your nightly homework with your host. Each night you will show one set of photos to your host, and you will talk about them and explain them. It will be a fun way to share your life and culture with your new American friends. Things that are normal, everyday life to you will be very different and very fascinating to your host.

Please take (or download) 5-10 photos of EACH topic below and then upload them to your blog. Write about them for writing class credit!

Here are the categories:

1. You and your family and pet(s)
2. Your house/apartment
3. Your kitchen

 (One difference! disposal)

4. Your bedroom

5. A typical Japanese bathroom and typical Japanese toilet. The ones with lots of buttons are
especially interesting to Americans
6. Something you enjoy doing at home
7. Something you are proud of
8. You and your friends doing something together
9. Typical things in Kumamoto (shrine, park, factory, statue, traffic, shops, etc.)
10. Your favorite shop (outside and inside if possible) and your favorite shopping mall
11. Your favorite restaurant (outside and inside if possible) and a photo of you eating there
12. Kumamoto Gakuen University (outside), your high school (if possible), your junior high school (if
possible), your elementary school (if possible) and a photo of your high school uniform
13. Someone (it could be yourself) cooking a meal in your home. Include photos of both cooking and the
meal itself as you are eating it
14. A photo of you eating a typical breakfast
15. The KGU cafeteria, the food you can choose, and a photo of you and your friends eating a typical lunch
16. A market and/or grocery store – several photos of various kinds of food
17. Photos of Kumamoto Gakuen University– classrooms, professor’s office, your favorite place at
Kumamoto Gakuen University, etc.
18. Someplace you worked or are working a part-time job
19. Photos of various kinds of vending machines (food, beverage, train tickets, etc.)
20. Public transportation (bus, train, taxi) and photos of how you buy tickets, photos the train station
21. Views of nature in or near Kumamoto (parks, countryside, mountains, forests, rivers, ocean, etc.)

22. The Kumamoto Earthquake

Thanks for your work and have fun with this project!

Question examples:

1. What is this?
2. When did you get it?
3. What do you use it for?
4. What does this button do?
5. etc. etc. etc.