Do you know?
1. What is the biggest country in the world?
2. What is the biggest mountain in the world?
3. Every state has a capital. Do you know the capitals of any states?
4. What is the biggest city in the USA?
5. Where is Disneyland? Disneyworld?
6. Where is the Statue of Liberty? What about the White House?

2.  Geography –Counties and Cities

Each State is made up of several counties, and each county may have several cities. This map shows the counties of California.
How many counties are there in California?

How many are there in your favorite state? Check it out!

Counties are translated as 郡 in Japanese, but they are different, because they include cities, more like 県. Los Angeles City is in Los Angeles County, and Disneyland is in Orange County. In Louisiana counties are called parishes and in Alaska they are called boroughs.
43 cities do not belong to a county, but are independent. 39 of these cities are in Virginia.

Biggest Cities in the US

Every state has a capital, but state capitals are often not the biggest cities in the State. Sacramento, the capital of California, is #6 in population in the state.

How many of the 10 biggest cities in the US can you name? Can you put them in the right order?
1. New York, N.Y.
2. Los Angeles, Calif.
3. Chicago, Ill.
4. Houston, Tex.
5. Philadelphia, Pa.
6. Phoenix, Ariz.
7. San Antonio, Tex.
8. San Diego, Calif.
9. Dallas, Tex.
10. San Jose, Calif.
Three of these cities are in California, and three are in Texas!

Sightseeing spots in the US

On the west coast, Los Angeles has very famous sightseeing places: Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, UCLA, Rodeo Drive

And on the east coast, New York City has the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Central Park, Empire State Building...

Washington D.C. has the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Smithsonian Institute... and many other famous sightseeing spots.