Hello students! Welcome to this (VERY intensive) summer course! I am looking forward to spending a few days discussing culture and communication in education with you. As several of you are in-service teachers, I envision this course as a kind of workshop. I hope to leave you with not only theoretical background, but also some practical suggestions for approaching and implementing intercultural communication into your own classes.

Except for the first day, you should do the readings and prepare to answer the discussion questions each day. I know this is a lot of work, but...as I said, this class will be VERY intensive.

I am pleased to announce that we will have a guest lecturer on Tuesday, 3rd period. Mr. Kotaro Naetoko, who completed an MS degree last year, will lecture on creating cultural activities to supplement Japanese textbooks (and you will be pleased to know that there will be no readings for his class!).

Please refer to the following detailed syllabus for readings, assignments, concepts and discussion questions for each class. (subject to minor changes!) Also, your Final assignment will be a project requiring the creation and piloting of a supplementary cultural activity of your own choosing, and you will submit a 5-page write-up of this activity. See link for details.