INSTRUCTIONS: IN PAIRS, choose one of these sites to review, or use your own. Make a powerpoint presentation.

Presentation will be given on June 5. Your review should include answers to these questions:

1. What can you do with this site?

2. What is useful about this site?

3. What is not useful about this site?

4. How do you use this site? Naohiro Kugitani, Kanta Toyomasa 穴井ゆみ、嶋添えりか 江下彩花、中村汐莉 奥村康夫 堀田恵一朗、神田翔太 阿倍有圭子、いわ本尚之 福山英男、花田明奈 藤本美和、野田さやか Nobuhiro Hayashida, Kaai Nakahara 井上かおり、柳田絹代 入江夢子、森裕紀 奥村さくら、水口恵美 木村衣都佳、加隈有紀子 永江真智子、城平和奈 高島りさ、鳴神祐子 筒井あゆみ、坂本美幸 中川 聡