• Readings and Assignments

Graddoll, D. English Next 2006 http://www.britishcouncil.org/learning-research-englishnext.pdf (onlne)

Yoneoka, J. 2003 The Necessity of Englishes for the Future of English, Kaigai Jijo Kenkyu 31-1 p. 25-40. Available online http://www2.kumagaku.ac.jp/teacher/~judy/gyoseki/rirekiforhp.html (number 32)

  • Concepts: English as AN International Language
  • Discussion questions: What factors made English into an international language? How could those factors change? Are they changing already? How do you see the status of English fifty years from now?

Read English Next and find out why global English may mean the end of English as a foreign language.--what does this mean?