1. THIS IS NOT A REPORT, but a research paper! (What is the difference?)

START by looking at a short research paper (graduation thesis) and checking it using the check sheet at finished.


a. First, choose a field.

b. Find and read at least 3-5 (6-10) books and/or research papers in the field. They can be in English or Japanese or both.

c. Decide your topic (what?) and approach (how?) based on previous research. You should EXTEND research that has already been done.

Your topic can be in any of these fields:

  • English in Pop Culture (English in Snoop Dog's Music, Englishes of Meryl Streep)
  • English Pronunciation (English vs. Japanese Rhythm, Katakana English)
  • English Vocabulary (food expressions in Japanese English)
  • English Grammar (the 3rd person singular in different Englishes)
  • History of Englishes (Hamamatsu Pidgin)
  • English Education (English Education in Vietnam)
  • Attitudes towards Englishes (Japanese attitudes towards Korean English, etc.)
  • English for Specific Purposes (Medical English, English of Flight Attendants)
  • Cross-cultural differences (Proverbs in English and Japanese)
  • "Glocal" English (English at Kumamoto Castle, English in Aso, English on Signs in Kumamoto Train Stations)