topic (April 30)research paper presentation (May 31)introduction and bibliography (June 30)partial 1st draft (October 31)Final English check (November 30)Finished thesis 12/21Final Presentation (Jan 10, Jan 24)
Perfect Studenthas a topico ooooo  
Takumi English Environment in Finland oo 1897 words 2000 words   
Saeka Elementary English Education in Finland oo 2187 words 3000 words   
Miho difference of onomatopoeia in Japan and Korea ?oo 1604 words 2700 words   
Akari reduplication in American English slang oo  800 words 900 words   
Maki Philippine English mysteries oo 1707 words     
Nagisa English in Philippines oo  678 words2200 words2800 words   
Shun Test English in Japan oo 1697 words 2700 words  
Mayumialice in wonderland oo ooo   

Shimekiri! = FINAL DRAFT 12/21

THURSDAYS in December: 12/13, 12/20 THURSDAYS in JANUARY: 1/10, 1/24 (for final presentations)