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We will gather information on different areas of Kumamoto in four languages to be developed into a fully linked, searchable site as part of the 熊本観光事情 project sponsored by 熊本学園大学 熊本産業経営研究所 50周年記念論集

Overview of project: By 2012, the Kyushu Shinkansen running through Kumamoto Prefecture will be completed, bringing the number of Shinkansen stations in Kumamoto prefecture to a total of 4 (Shin-Tamana, Kumamoto, Shin-Yatsushiro, Shin-Minamata). In addition to Oomuta (on the border of Kumamoto Prefecture and gateway to the historic city of Arao), these stations will make Kumamoto more attractive especially to foreign visitors, who are able to purchase JR-RAIL PASSES good for these trains. In order to bring these tourists closer to what Kumamoto has to offer, we plan to present a potpourri of sightseeing adventures nearby and accessible from these stations.

The following stations provide access to these internationally-oriented sightseeing attractions:

Shin-Oomuta Station

*Miyazaki Brothers birthplace10 min on foot from Arao Station09:30-16:30200 yen/adultChina
*Miike Coal Mine10 min on foot300 yen/adultChina, Korea, Germany 
*Mitsui Greenland and spa resort20 min by bus, 390 yen10:00-16:00 weekdays 9:30~17:00 weekends4700 yen/free passall

Shin-Tamana Station

*Tamana Hot Springs and Yokatopia Museum?    
*Yamaga City and Yachioza Theater?    
*Eta-Funayama Kofun?    
*Minka Mura?    

Kumamoto Station

*Koushi Park and Hot Springs?    
*Kumamoto International Center?    
*Residence of Natsume Soseki?    
*Residence of Lafcadio Hearn?    
*Reigando ?    
*Kumamoto Nishi Port ?    
*Fujisaki Shrine Festival?    
*Tabaruzaka Park?    
*Kumamoto Prefecture Traditional Handicrafts Museum?    
*Ulsan-machi and Tojin-machi?    
*Oama Hot Springs?    
*Janes Residence?    
*Suizenji Park?    
*Yokoi Shonan Museum?    
*Kumamoto Castle    
*Oe Gijuku Tokutomi Brothers Museum?    
*Riddle-Wright Museum?    
*Hanaoka Yama?    
*Honmyoji Temple?    
*Kumamoto University 5th High School Museum?    
*Kumamoto Gakuen University Industrial Museum?    
*Kumamoto Prefecture Traditional Handicrafts Museum?    

Shin-Yatsushiro Station?

*Kuma River rapids?    
*Hinagu Hot Springs?    
*Hitoyoshi Kajiyamachi-dori and Unsun karuta?    
*Edison Museum?    
*Oe Gijuku Tokutomi Brothers Museum?    
*Hisatsu-sen Yamasen and Kawasen?    
*Aoi-Aso Shrine    

Shin-Minamata Station?

*Minamata Disease Information Museums?    
*Birthplace of Tokutomi Soho and Roka?    
*Soho memorial museum?