Intercultural Communication and English Education

Kumamoto University MA TESOL Program Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences


Readings and Assignments: (1) Hess 1994 "Culture Learning" in The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning p. 3-20

Readings and Assignments: (2) Walsh 1979 Humanistic Culture Learning: an Introduction (U.Hawaii East-West Center) p. 9-15; (3) Bennett, Milton J.“How Not To Be a Fluent Fool: Understanding the Cultural Dimension of Language” in Fantini 1996 New Ways in Teaching Culture p. 16-21

Readings and Assignments: (4) Kirkpatrick, A. "Implications for English Language Teaching" in 2007 World Englishes: Implications for International Communication And English Language Teaching, Cambridge Language Teaching Library p. 184-197

Project work: Decide pairs, explanation of project

Readings and Assignments: (5) Walsh 1979 53-69; culture questionnaire (online)

Readings and Assignments: (6) Thomas Hardy, T. (2007) MEXT-authorized English textbooks: Designing a junior high school text series

Readings and Assignments: None

Project work: Discuss with your partner and choose an appropriate material to create a supplementary exercise. Also decide what kind of exercise it should be, and for what purpose, age level, etc.

Readings and Assignments: (7) Pennycook, A. "Pedagogical implications of different frameworks for understanding the global spread of English" in Gnutzmann, Claus 1999 (Ed.) Teaching and Learning English as a Global Language: native and non-native perspectives. Tubingen: Stauffenburg Verlag. 4p. 147-156

Readings and Assignments: (8) Mckay, Sandra L. (2002) "Teaching Methods and English as an International Language" in Teaching English as an International Language: Rethinking Goals and Approaches (Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers) p. 104-129

Readings and Assignments: (9) Dunnett, et al "English Language teaching from an intercultural perspective" and Hughes, in Valdes, Joyce H. (1986) Culture Bound: Bridging the Cultural Gap in Language Teaching (Cambridge) p. 148-169

Project work: Discuss your activity(ies) and decide framework, approach, methods and 役割分担

Readings and Assignments: Graddoll, D. English Next 2006 (onlne); Yoneoka, J. 2003 The Necessity of Englishes for the Future of English, Kaigai Jijo Kenkyu 31-1 p. 25-40. Available online (number 32)

Readings and Assignments: Yoneoka, J. 2002 Englishes in Asia (number 30); Honna, N. 2000. Some Remarks on the Multiculturalism of Asian Englishes p 9-16

Readings and Assignments: Takeshita, Y. 2000. Japanese English as a Variety of Asian Englishes and Japanese Students of English. Asian Englishes. 1-8; Honna, N., and Y. Takeshita 1998. On Japan's propensity for native speaker English: A change in sight

Project work: write up lesson plan and prepare to present for 8/22

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